Office opening hours and Covid-related arrangements

Koas office only partly open - online services at your service!

Koas office opening hours for the time being: Mondays and Wednesdays between 12 noon - 3pm.

  • The office is closed on Jan 6th and 7th, 2022
  • The first working day of the month the office will be open between 9 am - 3 pm.

The online customer service is still here to help you every weekday! Get in touch via our online services:

  • Koas website and chat,
  • via email or
  • by calling +358 29 180 4444 (Mon-Fri from 12 noon to 3pm).

Unfortunately we cannot reply messages sent via social media.

Koas office open Mon and Wed 12 noon-3 pm

Common spaces in use – remember safety measures!

Rule of thumb: Stay home if you have any symptoms or are sick. In Common areas, remember safety distancing and good hand hygiene! The common areas are currently in use but we at Koas follow the covid situation closely. Specific info below.


The Laundry Rooms are in use. Book your machine-specific slot from Koas Booking. Go to Laundry only if you are well and have no symptoms, maintain safety distance. We highly recommend using a face mask.

Sauna times

The Koas saunas are open and you can book your own sauna time normally from Koas Booking but remember safety measures. Go to sauna only if healthy and well. Please clean up the space before leaving!

Lounges / Common Rooms and Ykköspesä Sauna

Please note the 20 people gathering limit and members of risk groups!

The city of Jyväskylä recommends no more than 20 attendees in private events. If there are people in a higher health risk from covid (risk group members), self-testing is highly recommended before the gathering. 3.-31.1.2022 all indoor events for more than 20 people are prohibited to organize. If even minor symptoms of sickness occur, stay home.

Gyms in Koas buildings

Take care of good hand hygiene and maintain safety distances. Go to gym only if healthy and well.

Koas Meeting Room and Kabinetti

Book your slot normally from Koas Booking. Take care of good hand hygiene and maintain safety distances. Go to Meeting Room only if healthy and well. We highly recommend using a face mask.

About fault fixing

Tenants, please make sure your phone number is correct on Koas Booking so that the maintenance can contact you if needed.

If you have made a fault report, please add a comment to the report in case you are ill or have been exposed to the virus. You can find the link to the report on the email confirmation.

Local information on Covid in English