Low-threshold coronavirus test opportunity on Saturday, 30 January

The number of coronavirus infections in Jyväskylä has turned to rapid growth. Let's stop the infection chain!

If you

- were in Heidi’s Bier Bar on 21 January or
- have been contact with someone who has a coronavirus infection
- have received a Koronavilkku alarm or
- have even slightest coronavirus symptoms (link to the City of Jyväskylä's instructions),

come to take a coronavirus test on Saturday with a low threshold. Otherwise stay home and wait for the instructions from the authorities. Stay home even though your test results comes back negative because covid disease may start with a delay.

The test point on Saturday, 30 January, is in a camping van:
at 10–12 Myllyjärvi, Roninmäentie 1 A, parking lot (map link)
at 13–14 Ristonmaa, Salontaipaleentie 6, fire station’s parking lot (map link

If you cannot arrive on Saturday, please book time to take the test in one of the city’s testing points.

When you arrive to the test:

- Remember to wear a mask already when leaving from home
- Arrive by walking, bicycle or own car. Don’t use public transport.
- Keep a safe distance when queueing.
- Take your personal identity card with you.
- Be prepared to give your contact information: name, address, telephone number.