Common spaces in Koas housing sites closed during February

The coronavirus situation in Jyväskylä is challenging. To prevent the spreading of the virus all the common spaces in Koas housing locations will be closed between Feb 1 and Feb 28, 2021. Now is the time to stay home. The situation is challenging for everyone but let’s stop the chain together!

Thank you for

  • staying home, staying safe
  • not organising or taking part in private parties, cottage parties, or any other gatherings
  • following the quiet times and giving everyone peace to work and get a good night sleep
  • cooperating with the authorities

Common areas closed until end of February

All the common spaces like common rooms, lounges, gyms, private sauna turns, Koas Meeting Room, Kabinetti and Koas bike are out of use Feb 1-28. Also common sauna turns and the Ykköspesä sauna are off. All reservations will be cancelled. Saunacredits will be refunded in Booking credits.

You can still use the laundry but with greatest caution: no entry to Laundry if you feel ill, have been infected or suspect an infection. Wash hands before and after going to the laundry, maintain 2 m safety distance and wear a mask. Do not hang around in the laundry space any more than you need to.

Current recommendations and restrictions

Common spaces including the private sauna turns are out of use to prevent the spreading of the virus. Read more about the current status and restrictions in Jyväskylä here: