– where community meets privacy

In the new MOCOliving housing locations communal spirit and privacy live together in harmony, therefore creating the perfect setting for a successful student life. Say goodbye to the drab dormitories and gloomy corridors – give a warm welcome to the relaxing lounge, a cozy space and a sense of community!

About MOCOliving

MOCOliving is a new concept of modern communal living that combines the joys of living together with the natural need for privacy and peace. In each MOCOliving housing location, you can find a stylish lounge area with a large kitchen-diner that is shared with all residents living in the location. The lounge is designed to serve as the space for studying, relaxing and various activities – together with friends or alone. Each resident also has their own private space in the form of a room in a shared flat, a studio flat or a family flat.

This housing type is perfect for those, who long for more space and social interaction with others.


The MOCOliving label ensures that the location has more space and a stylish, fully-equipped lounge area, as well as a private space to enjoy alone time.

MOCOliving equals modern communal living.

The special features of
MOCOliving locations

Large communal space for cooking, studying and relaxing

Private space in the form of a room in a shared flat, a studio or a family flat

Fully-equipped communal kitchen and dining space

Games and TV
to enjoy together

Save energy and make sustainable choices by
sharing spaces

The rent also includes:

  • Water, electricity and maintenance services
  • Fast data connection and cable TV
  • The use of a laundry room
  • Book KOAS Meeting Room for group projects and meetings

In addition, many of the housing locations offer various other services and communal activities organized by the Tenant Committee.

360 tour of the MOCOliving space

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Applying for a MOCOliving flat is easy!
Just check the housing locations with the MOCOliving label on the list and add them to your application.

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