Frequently asked questions


Waiting list for a studio is approx. 10 months. Also your requirements regarding the location, size and rent affect to the waiting time.

We welcome pets almost to all family and studio apartments, except Seminaarinmäki apartments are not pet friendly. Also in a shared apartment it is not possible to have pets.

We highly recommend home insurance for all our tenants. You may find more information from here.

Moving in

You will receive a message during the month preceding the start of the lease about picking up the key from the Koas Keybox.

If the first day of the month falls on a weekend, the key will be handed over on the first working day of the month

During your stay, the maintenance company can open the door if the key is left on the wrong side of the lock but will they charge a fee. The spare key can be borrowed from the office during office hours.


In shared flats the tenants only have one key. If needed, the other key can be given for a short period loan.

When you apply, you can add the name of wished flatmate(s) to the application. We'll take the wish into account when possible.

If your flatmate is moving out and you have a friend who would like to live with you, contact the office.

Yes, as long as you use the same reference number, the money will be automatically allocated to the rent.

The service company is on call 24/7 and can open the door (service will be charged from you).

On a following working day, contact the housing office.

The rent payment is fixed for the 6th of the month. If you wish to pay the rent on some other day, cotnact the controller to agree about the payment day. Interest will be counted after the 6th.

It is not allowed for the tenant to do any renovation work.

Yes, it is possible with your own cost. Although the lock has to be left to the door when you move out.

You can buy the service from a professional with your own cost. Since there will be holes to the window frame, the blinders should be left to the window when you move out.

Koas will not install machines but tenant has to order the work from a professional and pay the fee. If the dishwasher reguires small changes to the cupboards, make a faulty report. Koas service will make the changes.

Remember to store the cupboard and return it on its place before moving out.

No. The rent is the same in every month of the year.

KOAS allows the tenants to temporary sublet the apartments to a third party for a maximum of 1 year. During the summer months, the subletting tenant doesn't need to be a student, but otherwise also the subtenant needs to be a full-time student.

Airbnb type of renting is not allowed.

Yes, firealarm battery is in tenants responsibility. Also remember to check that firealarm is working every now and then.

Housing guide

You can activate Telia internet by calling to Telia customer service 020011611, or by registering online on Telia website.

Network is Telia Yhteys kotiin L and speed of network is 100/100 Mbit/s. If you have problems you can contact Telia customer service 020011611.

Remember, that in studios and family flats, there is only one active internet socket per apartment. In shared flats, one active socket per one cell room. If you wish to use another socket, make a fault report via KOAS website, where you tell which socket you would like to active.

The temperature of the water in the heating pipes is depending on the outside temperature. The colder it is outside the warmer the water in the pipes is. The room temperature should be around 21 degrees during the colder months when the heating is on.

If it feels that it is cold in the apartment, first measure the temperature, about one meter high from the middle of the room. If the temperature is clearly below 21 degrees, you may fill out the fault report from KOAS website and the maintenance will check the situation.

During summer time, the room temperature might be higher as there is not any cooling system in the KOAS buildings. It might help to cool the flat when the curtains are kept closed during the time when sun is shining to the apartment and the ventilation window is opened during the evening or night time, when it is cooler outside.

Housing guide

In Koas, we have different systems in different locations. If you do not have the instructions how to adjust the air condition in the flat, it means that in your location the air condition is automatic for the whole building.

You may test that the air condition is working as it should be, by placing a piece of toiletpaper on the air conditioning duct. If the paper stays on top of the duct, the ventilation is working normally. If not, please make a fault report about that in KOAS webpage.

Also, if you notice that there is steam or frost between the windows, the air condition is not working correctly, and it would be good to make a fault report about that.

For the time being there are no electric or hybrid car charging stations in the parking areas of Koas housing sites. However, we are actively researching for different options.

Until then, please note that it is absolutely not allowed to charge a car or such vehicle in the current car parks in Koas housing locations. First of all it causes big safety risks and it is not just and fair for other Koas tenants.

For wall mounting you should use the so called board list. To get the hangings at different heights use the fishing line. Avoid fasteners that require drilling. Make sure that the HVAC technology does not run at the attachment point. Do not use decorative mirrors or other tape fastenings, because the paint surface will suffer. Do not attach a chin-up bar to the door frames. The frames can't handle this. Prefer light fixtures and free-standing furniture.

Larger marks require fixing and painting the entire wall to make the wall clean. Depending on the case, the repair costs may be invoiced to the tenant.

BBQ at the balcony is allowed, but with fire safety instructions in mind. The use of an electric or gas grill is permitted at the balcony. Remember and prefer to use the BBQ place in the building yard instead of barbecuing at the balcony.

Making an open fire on the balcony is not permitted. For example, disposable grills or charcoal grills may not be used on the balcony. When using a gas grill, you must remember the regulations related to gas bottle storage: a maximum of 25 kilograms of LPG can be stored in the apartment so that the gas tank does not get heated in the sun, for example.

It is good to take the risk of fire into account when grilling on the balcony. Always have a fire extinguisher close at hand.

BBQ at the balcony is naturally accompanied by the smell of food, sometimes even noise. If the grilling involves disturbing behavior at night or if it otherwise violates the order and safety rules, it is advisable to discuss the matter directly with the neighbor or discuss the matter with the Koas tenant advisor.

Moving out

If you have a lease with fixed period (ending day is mentioned on the lease), notice is not needed or possible.

Lease without the ending day will end when the tenat gives a notice to the lessor (Koas). The notice time is one calendar month. More information:

Give notice to end your lease

No, the lease period is always for full month.

The deposit will be returned during the following month your lease has expired.

The key will be returned to the Koas Keybox. You have received a message and the PIN code during the last month of residence about the returning of the key to the Koas Keybox.

If you have not received the message to return the key to Koas Keybox and the office is closed, you can drop the keys in an envelope with your contacts in the door next to the entrance to the Koas office on 2nd floor. The stairwell door is open from 9am to 8pm.

Noticetime to end the lease is one calendar month. If tenant wish to end the lease to the end of December, the notice has to be given by the end of November.

Even if the damage is not done deliberately, the tenant is still responsible of the costs.

Pricelist for damages