Students, welcome home!

Koas student housing is designed with students' needs in mind. At Koas you can apply for a shared apartment, a studio or a family apartment. You can apply for a shared apartment together with a friend. If your life situation changes along the way, no worries! You can always apply for a different apartment type later.

Make sure to apply for an apartment as soon as you have accepted a study place in Jyväskylä!

What is included in the rent?

  • Water, green electricity and heating
  • Fast internet connection and cable TV
  • Use of a laundry room
  • Weekly sauna
  • KOAS Meeting Room for group work and studying
  • KOAS Bike for exploring the city

In addition, many of the housing locations offer various other services and communal activities organized by the Tenant Committees.


Find your ideal style of living


The dream spot for active and athletic students. In this location, you can find disc golf, nature paths, jogging tracks and ski slopes right next door!


This part of town is known for one of the largest student communities in Jyväskylä! In Kortepohja, you are right next to the Student Village and only a short commute away from the city and the campuses.


City centre

Enjoy your life in the heart of the city. In the city centre, all the services, cultural events and both JAMK Rajakatu and Lutakko campuses as well as the JYU campuses are within easy walking distance.


The feel of a small town, beautiful lake views and comprehensive services make Kuokkala an easy place to live. Only a short commute from the city centre, JAMK Lutakko campus as well as the Mattilanniemi and Ylistö campuses of JYU.

... and many more unique locations.

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Apply for an apartment

Applying is super easy!
There is no need to attach files, we will check your right to study directly with the educational institution.

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How to apply? Instructions in a nutshell

Accepted a study place in Jyväskylä?

Congrats! Remember to apply for an apartment as soon as you have accepted your place. We will check your right to study from your school.

Applying for an apartment is easy

Get to know the housing locations and fill in an application form.

A broad application pays off!

Please fill in a separate application for shared apartments, studios and family apartments. If you wish to move soon, we recommend applying for shared apartments and several locations. You are welcome to apply for a shared apartment together with a friend.

Please note that the waiting time for a studio is up to 12 months. Remember that you may keep your other applications active even though you accept a shared apartment offer.

What about extra services?

The rent not only covers basic utilities but also certain additional services. Tenants in shared flats have a Wifi router already installed in their rooms. Some locations offer a gym. KOAS Meeting Room offers a place to study and KOAS Bike takes you for a ride around the city. Find a group of people to run or go jogging with through KOAS Neighbour Help or sell your unwanted items through KOAS Second Hand service. In addition you can rent a shared car or a sauna. Details of additional services can be found at KOAS Booking.

I received an apartment offer, what next?

Great! Now read the document carefully. You can accept it by signing it electronically.

Moving in

Welcome to your new Koas home! You collect the keys from the KOAS Keybox. The keys are available to you on the first working day of the month. Next, remember to check that you have home insurance. Welcome to Koas!