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Myllyjärvi, Ykköspesä, Palstatie 4, Taitoniekantie, Ainola, Ristonmaa, Ainolankaari, Hospa

study-bedroom for a single student with shared kitchen and bathroom area. Mostly you need to arrange the furniture yourself (bed, desk, chairs)


Myllyjärvi, 2r + k, 44,5 sqm, 560€/month

Tango, 2r + k, 54sqm, 690€/month

Humppa, 3r + k, 69,5 sqm, 881€/month (the apartment has renovated 10/2018)

Laajavuori, 2r + k, 40sqm, 550€/month

Laajavuori, 2r + k, 46sqm, 619€/month

1st May 2019:

Etelä-Kekkola, E- talo, 2h + k, 51sqm, 632€/month (Etelä-Kekkola campus has renovated in the year 2015)

For a STUDIO flat we have approx. one year waiting time.

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